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I like to post about extremely young feminists…

October 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Clearly. And here’s another heartwarming example. Lilith at Evil Slutopia had her 9-year-old daughter write a guest post about Swiffer’s sexist commercials, entitled “Stupid Sexist Swiffer”:

I think your commercials are totally sexist. There is no good reason why in all your commercials there is a girl cleaning the house with Swiffer. Why are there only women doing the cleaning? It makes just as much sense that a man would be doing the cleaning of the house. Yes, some women do housecleaning, but some women don’t. And it’s not the only thing that women can do.

Read the whole post–what she says about stalking is so true! This reminds me of a Nick News episode from back in the day where a voiceover on a commercial for gentler Ivory dish soap said “Women everywhere are taking their gloves off…” Some kids called Ivory out on their sexism and made them change it to “people.” I saw this when I was around Lilith’s daughter’s age. It’s pretty depressing that sexism in cleaning commercials is still around…15 effing years later. Only they’ve gotten a little more creative:

A 9-year-old is smart enough to roll her eyes at this, Swiffer. C’mon.

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