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Your 2 Cents: Kerry

November 20th, 2009 · 2 Comments


Note: I frequently feature readers’ answers to one or more of the questions Emma and I asked on our road trip. Find out how to submit here!

Kerry: 24, lives in Los Angeles, blogs at about her own feminist zine, co-runs a small art-book publishing company Amigos Publishing, applying to grad school, feminist.

Do you consider yourself a feminist; why or why not?

Yes I definitely consider myself a feminist. Everything that is important to me and that I feel thankful for, I have feminism and our fore-feminists to thank! From the right to vote to the right to have a safe, legal abortion, to the right to go to college, get a divorce, earn a living (and keep the money I earn), to choose when (or if I want to) have children, the list goes on and on. I can’t even imagine my life without feminism and I wish all young women/people were able to grasp the importance of the work that many women (and men) did before us in order to give us the opportunities we have.

What’s your number one women-related issue that really gets under your skin?

I’ve thought about this long and hard and it’s almost impossible to pick just one! But one of the most important has to be the ways in which education and learning shapes the futures of girls and young women vs. boys. Girls and boys are still presented with so many different choices and are taught so many different behaviors that the playing field does not start out level for either of them.

How is your experience of being a woman affected by where you live or where you come from?

I grew up in a household with a majority of women so my perspective is really shaped by the ways in which I watched my sisters and mother succeed at everything they put their minds to. As a teenager, I also spent a lot of time in the very white male-oriented local punk/hardcore scene which excluded women in a lot of ways. As I learned how to put words and theories into the exclusion I was feeling in this community, my feminism and worldview became that much more informed by the sexist culture I bought into for a long time. Now I try to support women as often as I can!

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  • 1 meagan // Nov 21, 2009 at 7:49 am

    Kerry is the new brand of feminism for the 21st century. Feminism is about equal access and modeling success for those who come after us. Rock on!

  • 2 revecca // Nov 21, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Kerry is right on point!

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