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Your 2 Cents: Annie

January 6th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Note: I frequently feature readers’ answers to one or more of the questions Emma and I asked on our road trip. Find out how to submit here. This entry features an L.A. lady in honor of my appearance today on KPFK radio at 7:30 p.m. PST! Tune into 90.7 FM or stream here.

Annie: 22, lives in Los Angeles, web host for SHETV’s G.I.R.L, rape prevention educator, writing workshop facilitator for homeless women in Los Angeles, band mate, Feminist Majority Foundation intern, student.

Do you consider yourself a feminist; why or why not?

Yes! And very much so. I identify as a feminist because it has added so much to my life. All through my life I have had feelings of insecurity and fear of being myself. It took me a long time to realize exactly how I define myself, and what I believe in (as is the case for most young women I assume). When I found feminism in college I saw it as a word to describe me. I believe in equal rights for everyone, I believe everyone has a right to be who they are and define and change themselves any way they want to. But how feminism really touched me was in the work of how young women are socialized by the media. I saw that we do not really get a chance to define ourselves when we are processed by this machine. When I began to see just how much this effects our lives, I was able to connect my feelings of never feeling good enough or not knowing who I am, with this image I was choking on. Now that I have feminism I can breathe. On top of that it stands for some great issues I believe in.

What’s your number one women-related issue that really gets under your skin?

There are many many issues that I live for, but the main issue I care about are the relationships between young women. I often hear young women say they hate girls or can’t trust them. I have also noticed this unspoken hierarchy that we compare ourselves and other girls to. I am fascinated by this unspoken world, and how it manifests in all of us. I am also passionate about giving women the right to choose, and the obsession with young women’s sexuality.

How is your experience of being a woman affected by where you live or where you come from?

Living in Los Angeles you can image all the sexist and sad bullshit that goes on. Everytime I go into a coffee shop in SOME areas of LA I see big lips, boobs, and processed hair. There is a great, but often sexist, indie rock music scene here, one that is very much a boys club, and I am very interested in understanding how it manifests. However what I can say about LA is that it fucking rocks. I love it! I am in the belly of the media/music beast, and on the outskirts of this overprocessed often sexist town is amazing areas with real girls doing great things.

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