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Welcome to the Girldrive archive!

September 20th, 2011 · No Comments

It’s been true for a while now, but I’m making it official: Girldrive, as an ongoing presence in the blogosphere, is dead. I will no longer be posting updates, takes on the news, or Your 2 Cents. As much as I have loved maintaining this site for the last four years, I need to concentrate on my new-ish job as associate editor of GOOD (yay!) and other projects and pieces that I have in the wings.

But this doesn’t mean that Girldrive the project, or the concept or the spirit or the voice, is dead. The comforting (and scary) thing about the Internet is that it lasts forever.┬áThere are hundreds of women in these archives who embody the curiosity and motivation that drove Emma and me to go on Girldrive in the first place. There are important projects, declarations, and stories. These will always be here for all to search.

Thanks to every single person who spoke to us around the country and through the computer, who spread the word, who bought our book, and who decided to get off their asses and hit the road.

Enjoy the ride!

xo Nona

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