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NOTE: I am no longer posting at, but you can check out the Your 2 Cents archive here. Thanks so much for visiting!

The point of this blog is to allow awesome young women to be seen and heard. So Girldrive showcases your thoughts, concerns, worries, and achievements on a regular basis. Emma and I were only on the road for a few months, but you can continue the conversation in one of two ways:

Submit your two cents

Emma and I asked three main questions on our trip:

  • Do you consider yourself a feminist; why or why not?
  • What’s your number one women-related issue that really gets under your skin?
  • How is your experience of being a woman affected by where you live or where you come from?

Simply answer one or more of those questions in 400 words or less, send me a photo* of you in .jpg format along with a short bio (age, profession, current city, etc.), and you’ll be featured on Your “2 cents” can be general thoughts about being a woman like this or this, or about a specific issue like this. You can even be a guy. All I ask is that you be thoughtful and respectful.

Note: Feel free to contribute even if you’re not a twentysomething woman, but in that case your submission should reference young women or young feminism.

*The photo is optional, but it’s much more fun if it’s included!

Tell me about some “girls with drive”

Girldrive keeps a finger on the pulse of young feminism, young female activists, blogs and orgs benefiting young women, or generally any woman kicking ass and making a difference across the country. Any tips and links are greatly appreciatedand you’ll be credited, of course.